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Affordable Championship Golf


Owasso Golf & Athletic Club was established in 1999 and is located in the middle of Owasso. The course was designed by Lyndy Lindsey and has turned out to be a great test of golf for players of all ages and ability levels. Owasso Golf and Athletic Club has hosted several PGA junior championships and is also the favorite spot for the Lindsey Cup Finals, which host the best golfers from all of the Lindsey Golf Network. The golf course has a flowing terrain with large trees, seven ponds and a winding creek. Native areas add to the difficulty and its beauty at the same time. Once the golfer reaches the very large magnificent greens, that’s when the true test begins.

Golf Course Tour


Hole 1

Par 5

Yardage: 565


A good starting hole, straightaway with a generous landing area for drives. A drainage area and out of bounds on the left, coupled with a prevailing right-to-left wind, can make for a catastrophic start for the golfer who pulls or sharply hooks the tee shot. A creek in front of the green awaits those who come up short trying to make it in two. Green slopes back to front. Best approach shot will be below the flag.


Hole 2

Par 4

Yardage: 390


A sharp dogleg left, which long hitters can now cut, defying the OB area. A few years of growth on many young trees will make this perilous. A routine drive to a generous landing will leave an approach of 100-150 yds. Green slopes from back to front and has a subtle fall line diagonally across the middle.


Hole 3

Par 4

Yardage: 402


A dogleg left, with forest and out of bounds left and a wandering creek on the right. A normal question from those playing OGAC for the first time is “Where is the fairway?” The creek parallels the fairway for some distance and a draw tee shot will bring the shot into the broad fairway which is not obvious from the tips. An elevated green guarded by two traps and prevailing wind in the golfer’s face make club selection prudent. Green is broad, but not deep.


Hole 4

Par 5

Yardage: 520


A straightaway hole with generous fairway, playing into a prevailing wind. A good birdie opportunity if trouble is avoided. Trouble could be a drainage area and OB to the left or two lakes on the right. Fairway slopes toward lake which moves in toward green—rolling shots will likely end up wet. Green is slightly elevated. An approach shot to reasonable distance of flag can be successful.


Hole 5

Par 3

Yardage: 202


Water on the right, mounds and rough on the left of an elevated green which slopes back to front. Tee shot below the flag is the best formula for success.


Hole 6

Par 4

Yardage: 400


Trees at the corner make cutting this sharp dogleg left questionable, but long hitter have a chance of driving the green. An approach shot which leaves any putt other than fairly straight uphill, places the golfer in jeopardy of making bogie.


Hole 7

Par 4

Yardage: 392


A dogleg right with the tee shot over an extensive natural area between two creeks. A routine shot from the proper tees for the golfer’s skill level, will leave a reasonable approach shot. A shot to the proximity of the flag in any direction will provide a makeable birdie putt.


Hole 8

Par 3

Yardage: 184


A creek which flows left of and behind the green and prevailing winds will influence club selection. Green is elevated, broad, but not deep, trapped left and right. Best shots will be downhill of the flag. Birdie will be pleasing.


Hole 9

Par 4

Yardage: 465


The elevation rise from tee to green and the length of this hole make it play very long.  No water, bunkers or trees are necassary to make this hole a challenge.

It is critical to have a good tee shot on this hole to be left with a good approach into this green.


Hole 10

Par 4

Yardage: 423


Slightly uphill, this straightaway shot heads to a fairway lined with mounds left and right. Tee shots straying to the right by prevailing winds are in danger of going OB. The green is guarded by a large bunker and is broad but not deep, sloping sharply right to left.


Hole 11

Par 4

Yardage: 405


A picturesque dogleg left with mature trees guarding the corner. Out of bounds right, long, and along the left side of the fairway. Long hitters can cut the corner, but requires a confident shot over the WHOLE 12 Green. Mounds on right and left and trees in the rough obstruct shots. Green slopes back to front. Fall line on right quarter of green can cause putts to stray.


Hole 12

Par 3

Yardage: 160


A nice little Par 3. Green is deep, narrow at the front and wide at the back. Bunkers lurk left and right. Green slopes back to front and left to right. A chance for birdie is a tee shot below the flag.


Hole 13

Par 4

Yardage: 451


A scenic hole back toward the Clubhouse, the elevated tee provides a vista of fairway and water. Driving range is left of the fairway and a lake is right. A creek 100 yards in front of green menaces long hitter. Green is wide & deep.


Hole 14

Par 4

Yardage: 395


A dogleg left with water on both sides of the tee box. Long hitters can cut the dogleg and reach the green. The green is protected by traps right and left.  This is a good birdie hole.


Hole 15

Par 5

Yardage: 510


A straightaway shot with water, water, water. Tee shot requires a 235 yd. carry across a lake with out of bounds right. Another lake generally out of sight is left all the way to the green. Despite lurking hazards including another lake, traps on the right and a sloping green, birdies and some eagles can be had.


Hole 16

Par 4

Yardage: 426


From the teebox a 150-200 yard carry to the fairway over water seems longer than it is.  A creek right in front of the green makes this a difficult approach shot to a severe elevated green.


Hole 17

Par 3

Yardage: 179


A beautiful little Par 3 with hidden perils. A creek, invisible from the elevated tee, parallels the right side of the green and crosses the fairway in front of it.The green is deep, narrow at the front and wide at the back with a sharp slope. Downhill and sidehill putts are not conducive to birdies, may lead to bogies.


Hole 18

Par 5

Yardage: 565


The finishing hole back to the Clubhouse has a slight right to left dogleg and invisible lakes from the box on the left all the way to the green. An extremely large green with slopes back to front and left to right and a couple of fall lines make reading long putts difficult. 









Tees Total Yardage Course Rating/Slope

  • Blue (Championship) 7034 72.6/116

  • Green 6597 70.4/116

  • White (Mens) 6132 68.6 / 114

  • Gold (Seniors) 5296 65.3/ 100

  • Red (Ladies) 4711 66.1 / 104

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